My hubby and I are hoping to grown our little family through adoption. If you know anyone looking to place their baby in a loving home please send them our way. Feel free to check us out here. If you would like to help support our adoption shop here. Thank you for helping us spread the word. Hugs.

31 December 2010


Image via confettisystem

I hope you are all ringing in the NEW YEAR in a fun way surrounded by those you love. As for me I have lots of organizing & cleaning ahead of me. I will be cleaning out my closet & organizing our man room {which will someday be our nursery}. And of course celebrating with friends. Happy New Year!

30 December 2010

Splendid Littles x Target

I was so excited when I found this email in my inbox! Looks like I will be heading over to Target today to scope it out. I love the silky soft fabrics used on all Splendid products {I wonder if the Target collection will be the same?}.

24 December 2010


{this photo is from last year}

Enjoy this wonderful time of your with your loved ones. I will be spending much time with family & friends relaxing & eating. Merry Christmas.

22 December 2010

Thank You {Rain Gods}

It's a very Merry Christmas around here today! I was awoken by a phone call from my boss telling me Merry Christmas the office is closed today due to flooding! {sad for the flood} But oh so HAPPY I can stay home. So here I am playing in the rain {on Sunday but it does not matter what day since we are going on our 6th day of non-stop rain} here in Southern California.

{what am I wearing}
Dress: Anthro {it has been sitting in my closet for over a year with the tags on, I forgot I had it}
Cardigan: F21
Shoes: Vintage Esprit
Tights: unknown
Accessories {earrings & belt}: Little Petite

21 December 2010

The rain keeps coming

{image via zappos}

I could use a pair of these. This non-stop rain for 5 days straight is too much for me! I do not know how people get any errands done in this weather? On the bright side the weather has really helped me to slow down & actually stay home & relax {I am a busy body & NEVER stop going all day every day} so I am grateful for this opportunity.

20 December 2010

Rugby {Ralph Lauren}

{Image via rugby}

Over the weekend I discovered the Rugby collection by Ralph Lauren. I like the classic look & heavy fabrics used through out the line. I picked up a thick flannel shirt {after finding a vintage ralph lauren flannel years ago at a thrift shop I have been on the hunt for another one} the quality of their pieces is what drew me in.  They get better {softer & softer over time}.  It looks like many items are on sale on their site right now! 

17 December 2010

forever 21 x feed

A great gift for a great cause at a great price.
A bracelet with a cause, FEED has agreed to provide 2 school meals for hungry children through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for its sales of each FEED 2 bracelet to Forever 21. Meticulously handmade in Guatemala by women artisans, each bracelet color represents the country designated to receive the 2 school meals through its School Feeding program. Silver: Pakistan, Black: Kenya, Red: Swaziland, Yellow: Sri Lanka, Blue: Haiti, Gold: Honduras. Seed bead construction, braided thread ties.  Via forever 21
Whenever I travel abroad I am always drawn to the unique handmade & hand beaded jewelry. So naturally I was drawn to these bright colors at the check out counter of forever 21.

15 December 2010

Layering Sweaters {forever 21}

More often than not I find myself shopping {for work related purposes} which gives me the opportunity to stumble upon good deals. Today I spotted these layering sweaters at Forever 21 for a great price as part of their Yellow Tag Deals. They are super soft & perfect for the chilly weather!

14 December 2010

Cozy & Warm {mittens}

{image via here}

The inconsistent weather here makes it difficult to dress each day... I never know if its going to be 42 degrees or 82 degrees! These are perfect the chilly temperatures outside & inside my igloo of an office. Love the pattern!

13 December 2010

Stocking Stuffer {lavanila}

Since we have been experiencing some warm weather temperatures these past few days I found this item to be perfect timing. Lavanila has many wonderful smelling products & they are free from many harsh chemicals. I hope Santa drops one of these in my stocking!

11 December 2010

83 degrees!

Snapped a quick photo after returning home from running Christmas errands & eating In n Out {my favorite gluten free burger joint}. We sat outside in the sun eating & sweating, it sure felt great. I am in awe of the warm sun, it has been too long since I have felt the UV rays soak my pale skin.

{what am I wearing}
Sweater: Free People
Dress: Hurley
Socks: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean
Earrings & Necklace: little petite designs
Bracelets: Panama, Target & another designer I can not remember
Sunnies: RayBan

10 December 2010

legwear {socks}

{image via anthro}

With all this chilly weather we have been experiencing day after day after day…I have been purchasing lots of new socks. I have found cute ones at Anthro, warm ones at Urban & inexpensive ones at Target.  The knee hi’s are great with all my different boots & the ankle style is adorable with all my strappy dressy shoes {even if people talk trash on my outfits… I still like the unique look}.

09 December 2010

Check it out {rebecca-june}

Are you familiar with this blog? My dear friend Becca is the author! She is fun, creative & has a great eye for decorating. She also happens to be doing a little petite giveaway... head here to take a look.

08 December 2010

Discovered {LipSurgence}

While shopping in-store at Sephora {I finally had an opportunity to get over there} I discovered a new to me lip product: LipSurgence by tarte. Not only is it Gluten-Free, it also is free of parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate & synthetic fragrance {gosh it sure is scary that I can not even pronounce these words but even more scary when I read a label & have no idea what all these chemicals are!}. LipSurgence comes in a variety of shades & also is available in Matte {which is not Gluten-Free according to Sephora}. I absolutely love the amused color! Luckily for us tarte has a 40% off sale going on NOW on their website! So glad I discovered this product & even happier that I was able to purchase a few more on-line with the discount. Hurry on over to their site so you can try one for yourself…

07 December 2010

Perfect fit {LOFT}

{image via}

I found the BEST fitting pants at the LOFT. I have been shopping here for some time now {my mom actually introduced me to the ATL} they always have a collection of petite items which fit amazingly! If you are petite I highly recommend trying on their pants & for the rest of you they have some really great pieces at affordable prices.

06 December 2010

A Christmas must {candle}

Have you discovered the sweetly scented candles at Bath & Body? I enjoy so many of their scented candles for the different seasons of the year. Often they offer a special price when you buy multiples at one time so I stock up {with all the gift cards my office gives me!}. My current favorite is the Twisted Peppermint!

05 December 2010

Stocking Stuffer {sugar}

{image via sephora}

I sure hope Santa drops this in my stocking. Love the fresh scent, smooth texture, light shine & tastiness of this balm. You can pick yours up here.

03 December 2010

A Christmas must {Mrs.Meyers}

It is that time of year again! Each December I use this hand soap, hand lotion & liquid dish soap in my kitchen. I love the refreshing pine scent! This is my FAVORITE time of year.

02 December 2010

Fashion Island {Forever 21}

If you have not yet been to the newly opened F21 you must head there soon! The space is enormous & all the racks are organized making it easy to find the trendy affordable items. I did not have time to snap any photos {I was late to dinner due to losing track of time shopping my heart out}! The image above is the architectural rendering prior to the store being revamped. I spotted a few items I wanted but did not have to try on... I am heading back soon. Stop by if you ever find yourself in Newport Beach.

01 December 2010

Stocking Stuffer {felted soap}

{image via fiat luxe}

I sure hope Santa brings me on of these! Fiat Luxe uses natural locally sourced ingredients & the beautiful casing is wool; it is a two in one product! Soap and a natural wool wash cloth. Once the soap inside runs out you can cut a slit in the wool and insert a fresh new bar of soap. The scents are light & refreshing. Can't wait to try one out!

30 November 2010

Much needed {sweaters}

{all images via zara}

I don't know about you but this chilly weather is way too cold for me! I can not warm up no many how many layers I am wearing. While doing my fair share of shopping over the weekend I stumbled upon many cozy sweaters at Zara. I found many more at the store that I loved {they do not have them online}.  I suggest heading to your local Zara!

27 November 2010

Modest Fashion {holiday dress}

{images via bcbg}

While hitting up the mall on BLACK FRIDAY I discovered some great Holiday Party dresses {modest dresses} at BCBG. To look festive & beautiful you do not need to dress like a vegas party girl {although my bff was shopping for vegas attire, which was not hard to find!}. I spotted modest dresses at BCBG, Bebe, H&M, and JCrew. I found the selections online to be different that what I saw in stores. Now I just need somewhere fancy to go...

26 November 2010

That time of year {Christmas decorating}

I plan on doing this, this weekend {that is if I can get out of bed, my belly hurts big time from all the gluten yesterday}. I enjoy this time of year & decorating our home all festive. The ornaments & decor are all out in the family room waiting for me. And we might just get a tree today. Enjoy the long weekend.

25 November 2010

Hidden Secret {Kohls}

{image via kohls}

I have been on the hunt for white cotton napkins, so I stopped by Kohls and to my surprise I stumbled upon some really fun home decor. I was shocked! Their prices are great {well on sale that is!} many areas of the store where having a promotion of 50-70% off. I found throw pillows {for our living room re-decorating project}, this deer head & a few other goodies. Check out your local Kohls.

23 November 2010

frugal finds {nail polish}

{image via uo}

I have been searching for a specific shade of grey nail polish for some time now. So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon matte grey while browsing Urban Outfitters. In store the nail polish was two for $8 { a great price}! But online they have a bigger selection than my local UO. If you are looking for some fun colors check it out.

22 November 2010

GIVEAWAY {little petite designs}

I am excited to announce little petites first giveaway {one pair of earrings} for one lucky reader! I started making earrings as a way to de-stress & create something that brings me happiness. Each pair is made of leather & hand-made with love. Proceeds from the sales of little petite items will be put into an account for our adoption. I hope you enjoy the items, check them out over here!
To enter the contest you must:
  • become a follower of this blog {randombitsoflittle}
  • leave a comment here on this post telling me why you would love to win a pair {include your email address}

Contest ends November 24 2010 at 11p.m. Pacific Standard Time. One entry only per person. Anonymous comments will not be considered. One winner will be chosen at random  & announced on November 25 2010.
Good Luck!

And the WINNER is angellacowan! Angella send me your address & your earrings will be sent out soon. Enjoy.

19 November 2010

Frugal Finds {stripes}

{image via ON}

I spotted this cotton shirt at Old Navy on sale for $2.50! The store I checked out had multiple colors as well as solids. I sported this shirt today with high waisted jeans & it looked pretty cute! 

18 November 2010

Preview {little petite}

Over the past couple years I have been working on my own little line to help keep me sane. I enjoy being creative & crafting to help ease my stress. I have had a website but not have not yet put the word out to anyone. I hope to launch next week {fingers crossed}! The above image is a pair of handmade leather earrings. Stay tuned for more details & a give away...

17 November 2010

wish list {pillows}

I am in the mood to redecorate our living space. I have been eyeing these pillows that are reasonable priced. I think the splash of pink will create a new look in our home. I hope a few of these arrive in my stocking this Christmas!

16 November 2010


While working in San Fran I was showing around a couple of my Japanese colleagues. We took the Bart to Berkeley to check out what the students were wearing and to visit some sneaker shops. The campus is beautiful, I loved the buildings & all all the huge trees & rolling green hills. I could not believe how warm it was in San Fran... 80's all weekend long!  San Fran is such a fun city & I LOVED all the shopping! Just wish I had my girls with me to shop it up!

{What am I wearing}
Tee: Old navy
Long sleeve: Volcom
Jeggings: kids Levis
Booties: Minnetonka
Purse: Old Navy
Hat: random no name

10 November 2010

Dreaming of {a baby}

We are looking to grow our family through adoption. Sadly, our agency has informed us there are too many families trying to adopt and not enough babies. So PLEASE help us spread the word... if you know of anyone who may be looking to place their baby in a loving, christian, young, healthy, active family PLEASE tell them about us.
The day we welcome a baby into our home will be the greatest day of my life. I can hardly wait!

09 November 2010

Dreaming of {wardrobe}

{image via ?}

MKA I would really love to have your wardrobe from the shoes to the unique rings to the large handbags & all the great clothing pieces. I adore their effortless hippie look. MKA if you ever want to donate any of your old pieces feel free to hand them off to me {I'm pretty sure we are the same size}!

08 November 2010

wish list {blanket}

{image via pendleton}

I have been lusting after one of these cozy blankets for our future baby. I would love to hang it over the chair in the nursery. There are so many wonderful colors available its hard to choose just one! I am adding this to my Christmas list.

07 November 2010

Sunny Day {lunch date}

When bu joins me for lunch it makes my day! I enjoy getting to spend time with him during my busy work day, it helps me get through the day. Here I am in front of our favorite sushi joint.

{What am I wearing}
Sunnies: Rayban
Blouse: HM
Leggings: HM
Shoes: random shop in nyc

06 November 2010

Frugal Finds {Urban Outfitters}

{image via urbanoutfitter}

Spotted today at UO all women's apparel an additional 50% off. Hurry over to your local store! I found cute dresses, great fitting pants, lots of layering tees & loads of sweaters.

05 November 2010

Headed to {San Fran}

I'm looking for any good restaurants & sweet spots I should try while in San Fran. If you have any reccomendations send them my way.

04 November 2010

wish list {jacket}

{image via fredflare}

Since I am already thinking about Christmas; decor, crafting, gifting, etc. I thought it is about time to start writing my own Christmas wish list. Love the funky pattern on this warm winter coat & fur hood just tops it off!

03 November 2010

Heat Wave

{image via me}

This wonderful warm weather has me daydreaming of being here. Relaxing & not worrying about life & work. I highly recommend visiting here if you want a pure romantic & relaxing getaway without anyone around.

02 November 2010

In memory of Andy

 {image via}


Although this blog is not about surfing, it is dear to my heart. My hubby's passion is surfing, I worked in the surf industry for years, and every trip bu & I take revolves around the ocean. Whenever someone so young passes on it makes me stop & think about my life & how wonderful it is. Life is short & we never when our time on earth will come to an end. My prayers & love go out to Andy's beautiful wife & all his family & friends. You will be missed.

31 October 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN{it's a pumpkin}

How adorable is Thor? He looks too cute in his pumpkin costume {from old navy}. We snapped a few shots after church this afternoon. Thor is gearing up for his costume parade in Laguna later today!

{What am I wearing}
Dress: Target
Vest: Old Navy
Belt: Vintage
Heels: Franco Sarto
Sunnies: Hoven