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23 November 2010

frugal finds {nail polish}

{image via uo}

I have been searching for a specific shade of grey nail polish for some time now. So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon matte grey while browsing Urban Outfitters. In store the nail polish was two for $8 { a great price}! But online they have a bigger selection than my local UO. If you are looking for some fun colors check it out.


  1. I got a grey polish a few months back:

    It looks a little purple online but is really nice! I adore grey!

  2. Thanks Marlene, I will check out zoya.

  3. Hey girl! Got your message on my blog. Yes, I am friends with you on facebook. That's how I found out about your blog, but I don't go on facebook a lot anymore. Too much to do on my own blog! I've been doing freelance graphic design and art since I graduated, so if you need anything art related, let me know! I'll be in town during Christmas we should do dinner with our hubbies! Let me know. Loves! PS-I'm dying to go to Panama since I saw your pics! We went to Cancun last March and I'm dying for tropical weather again. We love to travel so maybe we'll get there soon!