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15 August 2011

Weekend View

sister's gorgeous wedding. preacher man{hubby}. perfect evening. happiness. laughing.talking.amazing food. adorable decor. succulants. JUST a wedding. cake pops. largest scallops ever. special gluten free food. fashionable friends. sweet toasts by dad & erin. funny toast by melissa,sara, rock. an incredible wedding.

spend the day with family in San Juan. street fair.people watching.walking.el adobe.chatting.bamboo mushroom sticks.

date night with my love. catching up on fashion mags{the one thing I miss about not working is all my mags at the office}.freezing in barnes & noble {i swear they turn the air on full blast so you will not sit & read mags & i am pretty sure they make fresh cookies every 15 minutes to lure into starbucks}.grabbing ny thin pizza. movie time. The Help.cried all night. 

sadly I do not have any photos of baby Grey in his precious blessing outfit. catching up with old friends.eating yummy food. lots of talking. home made tortilla chips late at night.