My hubby and I are hoping to grown our little family through adoption. If you know anyone looking to place their baby in a loving home please send them our way. Feel free to check us out here. If you would like to help support our adoption shop here. Thank you for helping us spread the word. Hugs.

25 February 2011

Headed to {NYC}

{image via unknown}

I am off to New York City for one last business trip{hip hip hooray!}. I am looking forward to visiting many of my favorite spots in the city as well as discovering many new places {I am staying in a new to me hotel} in a different part of the city. So many emotions are running through my body, I can not believe I will not be going back to NYC again for a long while. {Please excuse my lack of posting for the next week.} I will share my favorite spots when I return!

24 February 2011

Thinking about trying {nail polish strips}

{image via sallyhansen}

I have spotted many of these ads while thumbing through mags. I want to try them out! Has anyone ever tried the sally hansen salon effects nails or another similar kind of nail polish strips? What did you think of them?

23 February 2011

31 bits {good cause}

{image via 31bits}

Love the beautiful colored paper & the story behind 31bits.  I love to support a good cause. These colorful paper beads made into necklaces look great layered together or worn as a single strand with any outfit. Check them out

22 February 2011

Light weight cover-up {Old Navy}

{image via on}

Spotted this cover-up over the weekend, perfect for spring & summer {now can the sun please shine!} I am dreaming of the beach with my hair tied in a scarf, haviannas on foot & this multicolor cover-up over a new bikini! Check it out.

21 February 2011

Fresh Squeezed {juice}

{image via tastymakeshappy}

Since changing my diet last year I have become obsessed with juicing fruits & veggies. When I am not rushing out the door to get to the office I try new juice concoctions. Today I made orange & nectarine juice. It is so simple {although cutting & peeling the fruit takes time} just choose the fruit or veggies you want and put them in the juicer... minutes later a fresh cup of juice awaits. I do not have a favorite drink... I like to try lots of different combinations. Do you have any favorites? Please share!

18 February 2011

I can see clearly {Warby Parker}

{images via warby parker}

I have worn nerdy librarian glasses since high school {and honestly I'm okay with it}. It is time for yealry eye appointment & perfect timing since Warby Parker just released some new styles. They have some great options & the prices are even better!  If you are worried about ordering over the internet... do not worry they offer a free trial try on just sign up on their site.
{side note : I am not the best at spelling... and for some reason spell check on blogger never works, please excuse my spelling errors}

16 February 2011

peace & beauty

{image via stylesight}

Everything about this photo is peaceful. Daydreaming of being here being one with nature & all of Gods beauty. Someday I want horses {& lots of animals on lots of land}.

15 February 2011

forever 21 x petro zillia

{image via nylon}

Stopped by F21 over the weekend {had some gift cards from Christmas} & I spotted the newest collaboration. The pieces are colorful & funky but some are not very practical.  The bootie shorts looked comfy and could be cute to wear to the beach as a cover up {haha funny to call them a cover up when they do not cover much} and the bra tube top was super cute! Although I did not purchase any of the collab items I found some other cute pieces through the store {their stuff has gotten much cuter & wearable}. I was so excited to see they offer size XS in many items! It still runs a bit big on me but at least they are trying.

14 February 2011

Day of LOVE {Valentine's Day}

I never knew how wonderful LOVE felt until I fell completely in LOVE with Bu{my hubby}. Being with his has completely changed my life & each day I find myself loving him even more. With out him my life would be incomplete {and oh so boring!}.

Thor has opened my heart in a way I never knew was possible. I have a new found LOVE for animals & I am continually amazed at how smart dogs are. Having Thor has given me a glimpse of what a parents LOVE is for their child. I can never thank C & L enough for giving us Thor, he truly has been a tremendous comfort to me in the many challenges & struggles I have endured since he became a part of the family. I LOVE that he is always excited to see me & follows me everywhere & totally wants to be involved in whatever I am doing.

With out LOVE I would not be who I am today.

11 February 2011

Mixed emotions {scared of the unknown}

{image of mavericks}

I do not recall every feeling this way {so many mixed emotions at once} about my future. I am extremely grateful for my belief & faith in God and knowing my prayers are answered. As I have grown older I have truly come to realize how much I have been blessed. I feel so fortunate to have worked with & for successful people & companies and could not be more appreciative than ever for all the great opportunities I have had in my career & for all the individuals who gave me a chance to prove myself. I am anxious and oh so curious what the future holds for me but at the same time I am very excited!
{why the image of mavericks? I am terrified of waves... yes I know, odd coming from a beach loving surfer boy lover  sun bather ex surf industry employee.  the older I have gotten the more scared I have become of the mysterious ocean currents & waves} I wonder what goes through your mind when you are dropping in on a 20 foot wave???

10 February 2011

beholden {BHLDN}

{images via anthro}

Are you as curious as I am about the new wedding collection from the UO family? Ever since learning they were developing a wedding line I was anxious to see it! I would love to touch & see the fabrics & little details up close in person... starting this month the collection will only be available online.  I wonder where the first brick & mortor store will be? {I am still holding out for my boss to send me to their navy yard... everytime he goes to meet with the buyers I want to jump in his suitcase} I am dying to visit their campus!

09 February 2011

in need of...

{image via run with me}

A half moon manicure. My fingernails grow like weeds! They are very tough & thick & always need to be trimmed or filed down. I am constantly using my hands non-stop all day opening boxes, sorting shoes, shipping shoes, crafting & making jewelry so my nails get trashed real quick. Today I realized they look awful & I need them pampered pronto!

08 February 2011

I'll take em {sequin shorts}

{image via fp}

Pretty sure I need these adorable shorts. Not sure where I would wear them {can't wear em to the office... the coworkers will not approve} I suppose I could just wear them around the house or on Target runs. Now if only my legs looked that good!

07 February 2011

Fresh Start

{imaga via flickr}

It's a new week and I could not be happier to start off fresh {last week was awful}. My head is looking up & I hope this week goes much better. I will just stare at this beautiful island daydreaming of being there! Here's to a wonderful week to all of us!

01 February 2011

the great fall

It has been a rough week {and it is only Tuesday}. Sunday evening I fell in the rain while walking Thor & smacked my head on the concrete. I do not want to bore you with all the other details of this crappy week. There will be a lack of posts this week. I will return when I am happy & functioning again. Enjoy the week!