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25 January 2011

Shoe LOVE {}

{found these random office shots online}

Do you shop at I do. Not only do they have an enormous selection of products but they have excellent customer service, a creative work environment, a positive vibe, a unique culture, employees that love their job & are one of the best 100 companies to work for. After reading the 2009 culture book {I read it a while ago} I instantly loved the company & what they stand for & it turned me into one of their customers. There are so many aspects I found interesting about their company, the one that stuck out the most is the fact that each part of their office is decorated by a theme {so fun!}. Although I have a creative job I am surrounded by bland walls {no color, no artwork}, a boring work environment & people who are unhappy & lack passion for their job. I dream of decorating my day job office environment with inspiration posters, splashes of color, palm trees & large feathered birds. I thrive on inspiration and I believe you should surround yourself in an environment that keeps your senses & mind flowing & dreaming.
Did you know has a sister site? filled with great priced merchandise! I just ordered a pair of boots I have been lusting over forever! I am so excited for them to arrive.