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29 September 2011

A little peep {matt bernson}

{image via zappos}

I have been eyeing this peep toed wedge for fall. The quilted upper gives the right amount of texture but is not overdone & the peep toe would look great worn with colored socks or just plain. Now if the weather would only cool down a bit!

27 September 2011

burning {pumpkin}

Currently my home is filled with the sweet aroma of pumpkin & vanilla. I love this time of year when the weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing & the house is being decorated. Bath & Body Works carries a variety of yummy scented candles.

26 September 2011

glass bottle {life factory}

Been going through a lot of these lately. The boiling, washing, sanitizing seems to be never ending when bottle feeding. Do not get me wrong, I am more than happy to clean in all my spare time, I am so THRILLED to finally be a mother that it does not bother me. The life factory bottles have come in handy, easy to clean, BPA free, colorful & the milk does not come out too fast. Next on my list is the life factory beverage bottle in graphite & turquoise!

23 September 2011

for your feet {socks}

{image via a&f}

{image via jcp}

{image via jcp}

{image via target}

{image via a&f}
It is fall! Time for boots, closed toe shoes, layers, sweaters & scarves. I wear lots of socks {always cold} & all the different styles of boots I have require different socks {high, low, thin, thick, breathable etc.} If you like me find that more often than not most socks do not come out of the dryer with their mate, then it is a must to have lots on stock!

22 September 2011

glow {candles}

My latest Costco find, remote control real wax flame less candles. They make for perfect night lights providing the right amount of flicker & glow. The only down side is the overwhelming vanilla aroma permeating my abode!

19 September 2011

Borrowed {rugby}

{image via rugby}

How cozy does this sweater look? A little baggy & over sized just how I like it! Borrowed from the men's collection so both you & your love can share it. 

15 September 2011

one week {9.14.11}

My life is complete. I am so in LOVE. I have been blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My little love turned one week yesterday.

hello fall {lauren moffatt}

{image via here}

 I am so eager for fall! From head to toe this look is adorable. I need the skirt in my closet, the leather, the zipper, the buttons...perfection!

12 September 2011

who knew {american eagle}

{image via ae}

It has been ages since I stepped foot into American Eagle Outfitters for my own shopping pleasure {most trips in were for work purposes}. I was so surprised by the fashionable pieces they carry. I am obsessed with these booties I want them now! 

09 September 2011

gorgeous amethyst {elizabeth & james}

{image via shopbop}

I am loving amethyst for fall, it is deep, mysterious, with just the right amount of pop. I would be delighted if this gorgeous cardigan made an appearance in my fall wardrobe. Pockets are my favorite & the large buttons are pretty cute! Get yours over here.

08 September 2011

embroidered beauty {free people}

{image via free people}

Not only is this maxi dress covered in beautiful embroidery, it is modest too. Great for days when you when to feel comfortable yet look adorable {and it covers the love handles on chubby days}. I like the calming blue against the sheer ivory.

07 September 2011

Autumn oh so close {madewell}

{images via fashionotes}

Although I love the warm sunshine with clear blue skies & beach days yet, I am so ready to break out my fall wardrobe. Lots of layering, booties, closed toed wedges, cute socks, jackets, sweaters & denim.  Madewell has many pieces I have been admiring for fall! Wonder when the weather will begin to cool down over here?

06 September 2011

garden fresh {flowers}

{image via kschirms}

Needing some happy color & fragrant aroma in my life. A little fresh cut flowers will bring brightness into my home with all this gloomy weather. 

05 September 2011

get short {chloe}

{image via shopbop}

Thankfully the fall is still warm enough here to sport this adorable look. I can not get enough of the chunky cable knits shorts... too cute! The blouse is gorgeous too! Now if only I could get my hands on the shorts & squeeze my legs into them.

02 September 2011

hot heat {wildfox}

{image via}

The sun is still burning warm & strong which has me wearing swimsuits on a daily basis. I am loving the girlyness of the wildfox suit combined with the large buttons and contrasting prints.  Not so sure I can pull of the high-waisted suit...

01 September 2011

Cape LOVE {gryhpon}

{image via shopbop}

Gearing up for fall in my mind. I adore this structured felt cape with button closure details. If that is not enough the backside has a gorgeous metallic jacquard animal print. I need this in my fall wardrobe!