My hubby and I are hoping to grown our little family through adoption. If you know anyone looking to place their baby in a loving home please send them our way. Feel free to check us out here. If you would like to help support our adoption shop here. Thank you for helping us spread the word. Hugs.

30 May 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Enjoy the day with the ones you love. Ponder those who fought for what you enjoy. Thank someone who served this great country.
Let's start this summer off right {with a day at the beach}! Hope it's a fun one.

27 May 2011

Thank You

{image via acriticschoice}

to all the many men & women who have willing fought for this great country. I am extremely grateful to be able to wake up next to the one I love & freely worship God. My heart felt LOVE & gratitude go out to all the families who have ever lost a loved while in the act of service for America. Enjoy your Memorial weekend! 

26 May 2011

beach bound beauties

{image via meyouecru}

Oh to be young,, slender & beautiful.  Today I am daydreaming of looking like these lovelies & traveling the world to exotic beaches across the globe. Loving their hair, suits, sunnies & jewels {& their stunning bods!}.

25 May 2011

Waffles & Fresh Berries

{image via naturalnoshing}

This week we have been eating a lot of traditional breakfast foods for both breakfast & dinner. I became reacquainted with my waffle maker & have enjoyed adding a mix of fresh berries & cinnamon to the top. I am loving this gluten free mix! You can find it at Target.

24 May 2011

summer sandal{mia}

{image via mia}

Pretty sure I need these leather aztec sandals to be on my feet! These are the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe, I picture them with my long flowy skirts, cut-off's, cords, & flowery skirts. You can find them here.

23 May 2011

Hard as Nails {Sally Hansen}

{image via sally hansen}

Spotted at Target this weekend for under $3. While perusing all the nail polish colors I discovered these Hard as Nails polish's in a variety of colors. I found a couple colors I really liked so I decided to try them out. I can not believe how thick the coat is and so far no chips {although I do use both a base & top coat}. Check out your local Target.

21 May 2011

Shattered Nails {OPI}

Has anyone tried the OPI shatter nail polish? I love this concept it looks so neat! I think I need to head to Planet Beauty and see what they have in stock.  What do you think of it?

18 May 2011

vintagae inspired one piece {pearl swimwear}

{image via pearl}

Looking for a fashionable yet functional one piece? You must check out Pearl Swimwear. Their suits last forever, all double lined using high end fabrics. The fit is amazing! The new collection will be launching just in time for summer.

16 May 2011

I'll take it {bedding}

{image via here}

I can already imagine this gorgeous quilt sprawled across my bed or draped over my couch. The flower like doilies are feminine yet simple. Although I am part Dutch I do not read or speak so sadly I do not know more about this item. 

13 May 2011

Hello Kitty {theme park}

{i believe these images were shot at the Joyland in Japan, 3rd image looks like it was for a beuaty collab, but I am not certain}

A Hello Kitty Theme Park in China {Anji, Zhejiang Province}! This is just too good to pass up, I needed to share! I can only imagine how cute this place will be, not only the decor, landscaping, rides, employee outfits, food but also all the people who will come decked out in their favorite Hello Kitty collaboration gear! I would LOVE to visit! Projected to open in 2014 it will be the first international Hello Kitty Theme Park {see article here}.  My first favorite Sanrio character was My Melody followed by My Little Twin Stars. Who is your favorite?

11 May 2011

Tropical Beauty {free people}

{image via fp}

Everything about this image gets me thinking about a tropical escape. The patterns & colors of the outfits  make yearn to go thrifting. The great updo decked out with flowers is amazing & I just adore that slim braid. I feel a surf trip coming on! 

10 May 2011

Citrus Fresh {grapefruit}

{image via bathnbody}

Lately I have been enjoying this fresh burst of citrus scent in my kitchen. The smell is so delicious I want fresh juice each time I use it. You can find it here.

09 May 2011

Window Treatments

{source of photos unkown. please email me if you know the correct source. thank you.}

Working on a new project out our lovely little abode. Trying to decide on window treatments for our sliding door/window. I am thinking dark bamboo type roller shades with some type of two-toned curtain. Any suggestions? Does anyone know someone in Orange County that can do custom curtains?

08 May 2011

A day for Mothers

{image via circle prints}

I feel so fortunate to have a mom who loves me for me & is always around. I am lucky to live so close to my mom {& dad too}. I anxiously await the day I become a mother and create many beautiful memories with my very own children. Happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful friends who are wonderful examples of mothers. And especially Happy Mother's Day to my Momma!

05 May 2011

Stripes {H&M}

{image via hm}

This classic piece needs to find a way into my wardrobe. I like everything about it; wide stripes, bold color pops, feminine length & those great sleeves. Can be found here.

04 May 2011

Oh to see {3.1 Phillip Lim}

I am long over due for my annual eye exam... It is about time I go get my eyes checked out. I think these are the glasses I need! How adorable are they, the soft pink is perfect. Wonder if my doctor carries these?

03 May 2011

Stroll in Style {bugaboo x Missoni}

{image via bugaboo}

How hot is this stroller? I absolutely LOVE the colors & patterns! I sure would not mind cruising this fashionable ride around the park. And the knit blanket is to die for! Available this summer {July} at Neiman Marcus. Do you have a favorite stroller?

02 May 2011

Gifts for MOM {little petite designs}

Looking for a unique fashionable. Check out little petite designs for hand crafted gorgeous leather earrings. And it is also for a good cause {the proceeds from the sale of each pair go into a fund for our adoption}.   Enter code MOMLOVE to receive a 20% discount this week only. {If you are interested in the double feather earrings shoot me an email}.

01 May 2011

Room Makeover {rugs}

{image via rugs direct}

Just started working on a new project for our home. I have been searching for rugs {online}, thinking this is the one I am going to choose. Although I do really like a shade of grey instead of black. Do you own a great rug? Where did you find it?