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01 January 2011

Love me some swimwear {Mikoh}

image via mikoh

It's a new year, time for change & fresh beginnings. I have mixed emotions about all that 2011 has to offer me &  I am anxious, curious, and excited about the many adventures ahead. I am working out my resolutions & goals in my head {its draining me already} I want to do things for myself in 2011 {like RELAX but this is very very very difficult for me} so my mind is confused on how I can work on things like this. Enough of my ramblings!
With retailers already clearing out the racks of sweaters, scarves & boots and making way for swimwear & all things bright for spring I thought I would share with you these beautiful suits by Mikoh Swimwear. I WANT them all! The fit looks amazing, I must order a couple immediately {in hopes the cute hip hugging suits will motivate my booty to get in shape!}. I am already dreaming up my next romantic tropical getaway.