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07 March 2011

The END {of my sneaker career}

I have so many thoughts & emotions pulsating through me today. I still can not believe I actually resigned. I am so eager to see what the future holds for me & what will transpire… change is good & it keeps my life fresh. This photo was taken on my 1st day of work 3 years ago (well one month shy of 3 years) I should have known that day when I was walked over to my desk & saw piles and piles, boxes and boxes and shoes galore from floor to 6 feet high in my new working space to run!!! But being the optimist that I am I tried, persevered, gave my energy, talent, creativity, ideas & passion to the brand. After much thought & hours of stress and deliberation I came to realization I needed to move forward in my personal life. So here I am today ready for the future & all the joy, stress, challenge, and unknowns that lay ahead…