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28 January 2011

Beautiful {horses}

{image via grazia}

Looking at this image is relaxing. Horses are some of the most simple beautiful animals on our planet. Someday I will have a ranch with horses roaming around {day dreaming of this}. Love the styling & simplicity of this shot.

27 January 2011

Take me away {on a Safari}

{image via vogue-german}

All the colors, layers, patterns & textures captured my eye in this image. I LOVE color! This shot is beautiful {I only wish I looked half as good when I throw on lots of color}. And I can not get enough of all the accessories...a ring on each finger oh yah!

26 January 2011

peaches & cream {Kiss My Face}

{image via kiss my face}

While browsing the aisles of Mothers Market I discovered this Moisturizing Shave Cream. I thought I would give it a try & I sure am glad I did! The texture is a perfect blend of cream & silky smooth with out any foaming. The light peach sent is suttle yet refreshing. Looks like I will be sticking with this for awhile! I know want to try some of their other products.

25 January 2011

Shoe LOVE {}

{found these random office shots online}

Do you shop at I do. Not only do they have an enormous selection of products but they have excellent customer service, a creative work environment, a positive vibe, a unique culture, employees that love their job & are one of the best 100 companies to work for. After reading the 2009 culture book {I read it a while ago} I instantly loved the company & what they stand for & it turned me into one of their customers. There are so many aspects I found interesting about their company, the one that stuck out the most is the fact that each part of their office is decorated by a theme {so fun!}. Although I have a creative job I am surrounded by bland walls {no color, no artwork}, a boring work environment & people who are unhappy & lack passion for their job. I dream of decorating my day job office environment with inspiration posters, splashes of color, palm trees & large feathered birds. I thrive on inspiration and I believe you should surround yourself in an environment that keeps your senses & mind flowing & dreaming.
Did you know has a sister site? filled with great priced merchandise! I just ordered a pair of boots I have been lusting over forever! I am so excited for them to arrive.

24 January 2011

Weekend Fun {vintage shopping}

{image unknown}

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! It always seems to go way too fast & before I know it it's Sunday night {and I am already thinking about all the projects I need to accomplish this week}. I finally took some "me" time & went vintage shopping over the weekend. I scored two floral dresses {a mini & a bohemian long dress } & a great silk blouse that looked brand new! Love me some good finds especially when they fit well.  I love discovering new vintage & thrift shops... do you have any favorites?

21 January 2011

Gluten Free {Talenti}

Do you love a sweet creamy treat? I do! I randomly came across Talenti gelato & sorbet at Ralphs {I never shopped at Ralphs until my office gave me a gift card} this is the only grocer that I know of that carries these yummy treats. I have enjoyed all the flavors I have tried; Raspberry, Double Dark Chocolate, Tahetian Vanilla... LOVE them all. Head to your local Ralphs or Ralphs Fresh Fare to try them out... you will not be disappointed.

19 January 2011

frugal finds {pants}

{image via ON}

I live on a budget {saving for our adoption} so I am always happy when I spot an item I like for a good price. While out shopping the other day I stumbled upon these pants from Old Navy {I know this trend has been here for awhile now} they fit great & are currently on sale for less than ½ price. Multiple colors are available; black, camo, olive green, grey. Check out your local ON.

Silk Shorts {Madewell}

{image via madewell}

The electric blue immediatly caught my eye. I LOVE vibrant colors. These silk trouser shorts look so comfortable yet dressy at the same time.  I am adding these to my spring must have list.

18 January 2011


The sun is at full strength this week & shades are a must for just walking to the car. For some reason I seem to be addicted to eyewear {basically I am just addicted to shopping} so when I just learned about FREEWAY EYEWEAR I knew I needed a pair! The names are cute {if your from LA/OC you would totally dig em} named after famous FREEWAYS. My personal favorite is FREEWAY 1... can you guess what it stands for, not only do I like it for its name{all my favorited beaches reside along side this highway} but the style is so sleek. I think I would like them in the both the tortoise & grey each color creates a different look and I could wear them with so many outfits.

17 January 2011

Swim Away {Tori Praver}

{image via tori praver}

Swim wear is hitting the sales floors just in time for this warm weather in California. I can not help but day dream about all the new suits I want & the beautiful tropical places I can wear them to{I wish I was going on a tropical getaway!}.  I have just discovered tori's swim wear line... love the mix n match pieces. There are so many I want it's hard to narrow it down! {For those of you who are a fan of one pieces tori offers some great ones}

16 January 2011

Sunshine, Sea, Shorts & Swimsuits

I can not get enough of the warm sunshine. We spent both Saturday & Sunday outdoors. A beach day in January is pure heaven {although I was not ready for a bikini already!}. This beautiful weather makes up for the lack of sunshine we experienced all summer long. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

{what am I wearing}
Blouse: Anthro
Shorts: Anthro
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunnies: RayBan
Bangles: Nordstrom

14 January 2011

Love me some intimates {zinke}

{images via zinke}

I don't know about you but I love intimate & lounge wear {I could live in it all day everyday}. I am obsessing over the deep V-neck romper! This new to me line is gorgeous... I want it all! The fabrics look so smooth & silky & feminine. 

13 January 2011

Spring Staple {Cynthia Vincent}

{image via shopbop}

I need these for SPRING. I am yearning for warm days & dresses & lots of sunshine. These beauties are perfect for my spring wardrobe. Already I can envision so many outfits to pair these with!

12 January 2011

Sweater Love {kensie}

{image via kensie}

I first discovered kensie {a long while back} in college at a favorite off price retailer. Their pieces suited me well & were reasonably priced. While doing some after Christmas shopping I discovered this wonderful cozy & versatile sweater at Nordi's. I knew I had to have it & have been wearing it every week {I LOVE it so much} it goes great with my boho long dresses, leggings, cargo's, & denim! The great news is it is on sale on kensie! You must check out all of their great pieces.

11 January 2011

Day-Dreaming {oh Louis}

{image via lv}

This cold weather needs to make room for some warm sun-shine. I want to be looking this sexy in the dessert cruising around with the top down! And I really adore the booties & clutch. I am so anxious for some warm weather.

10 January 2011

Cotton Knits {88 orange}

{image via 88orange}

These T's and shirts are super cozy, perfect for layering, versatile & most importantly smell amazing {they are washed in their own orange blossom fabric softener}. With this chill in the air I have been wearing their shirts under all my sweaters or layering them over thermals and I love them.  Check them out. 

08 January 2011

Pillow Love {Rikshaw}

Are you familiar with Rikshaw? Their Indian prints are beautiful! I had been dreaming of this adorable pillow for our future nursery to go along with my other favorite Indian printed fabrics {that our nursery will be decorated with}... when I spotted this on OKL a few months ago I immediately ordered it.  For now it is packed away awaiting its future little friend.

06 January 2011

BELIEVE {prayer}

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe God has a plan for me & today I feel extremely grateful for this knowledge. I am continually comforted when I pray for strength, guidance, knowledge & peace in my life on a daily basis. Today I am happy because I know God loves me & although life is tough & I am enduring so many tough things at this time I know that in the future it will all be okay & so will I with our Heavenly Father at my side.

04 January 2011

Feeling Blue

{image shot in tulum}

I had a horrible no good rotten day. I am now trying to forget about the day & daydream of being here relaxing with out a care in the world.  There's always tomorrow...

03 January 2011

Cleaning Frenzy

Something about the start of a new year gets my mind & body in cleaning & organizing mode. I have been cleaning out closets & cabinets and it feels great! In general I love to organize and rearrange my clothing & accessories... I can now see all my shoes {which makes it so much easier to get ready when I am rushing out the door at the crack of dawn}. How do you store all your accessories? Is your closet arranged by color? Do you keep your shoes in boxes or out on display? I always like to check out closets when I visit someones home {I know I am strange}.

02 January 2011

Oranges & Orchards

{images shot on my aunts property}

I have LOVED & enjoyed every moment of Christmas break {this year I surprisingly took time off of work} I spent my time with family, baked, finished up shopping, organized, wrapped, ate and most importantly RELAXED.  I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas & a great celebration to ring in the New Year. May 2011 bring us much happiness.

{What am I wearing}: Christmas Day at my Aunt & Uncles home
Flannel: Rugby
Tee: Old Navy
Jeggings: LOFT
Socks: Target
Boots: BCBG
Necklace: little petite

01 January 2011

Love me some swimwear {Mikoh}

image via mikoh

It's a new year, time for change & fresh beginnings. I have mixed emotions about all that 2011 has to offer me &  I am anxious, curious, and excited about the many adventures ahead. I am working out my resolutions & goals in my head {its draining me already} I want to do things for myself in 2011 {like RELAX but this is very very very difficult for me} so my mind is confused on how I can work on things like this. Enough of my ramblings!
With retailers already clearing out the racks of sweaters, scarves & boots and making way for swimwear & all things bright for spring I thought I would share with you these beautiful suits by Mikoh Swimwear. I WANT them all! The fit looks amazing, I must order a couple immediately {in hopes the cute hip hugging suits will motivate my booty to get in shape!}. I am already dreaming up my next romantic tropical getaway.