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03 January 2011

Cleaning Frenzy

Something about the start of a new year gets my mind & body in cleaning & organizing mode. I have been cleaning out closets & cabinets and it feels great! In general I love to organize and rearrange my clothing & accessories... I can now see all my shoes {which makes it so much easier to get ready when I am rushing out the door at the crack of dawn}. How do you store all your accessories? Is your closet arranged by color? Do you keep your shoes in boxes or out on display? I always like to check out closets when I visit someones home {I know I am strange}.

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  1. I love organizing too. My shoes are all in stacked in clear plastic boxes so I can see them all and they are protected. They take up my closet floor but its so nice that they can stack like 6 high! Check it out here it's the 3rd pic from the end of the post.: