My hubby and I are hoping to grown our little family through adoption. If you know anyone looking to place their baby in a loving home please send them our way. Feel free to check us out here. If you would like to help support our adoption shop here. Thank you for helping us spread the word. Hugs.

30 June 2011

little sneakers {zara}

These are too cute. Wish my local Zara had a bigger collection of baby items. They are having a sale right now! So many great items to choose from sadly not in my size. You should go check out!

28 June 2011

frozen delight {yonanas}

{image via me}

How can I possibly resist this contraption with slogans such as: turns fruit into a healthy, delicious, frozen treat, taste just like soft serve ice cream, all natural frozen treat! Anyone out there tried this before? Anyone own it? I am thinking I should buy it.

24 June 2011

out to sea {kayak}

{image via blessthisstuff}

I would not mind taking out a transparent kayak around the shores of Laguna. Think of how much you could see down below! It could be yours for $1,475.

23 June 2011

travel kit {love & toast}

Always on the go from airport to airport? The Happy Kit is the perfect travel kit filled with all the neccesities a girl on the go needs & they are all under 3.5 ounces to get you through security. Added bonus each item is natural free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oil, propylene glycol, retinal and synthetic colors. The packaging is fun with all the bright colors! Check it out.

22 June 2011


{image via eddie bennet on fb}

I have been super busy over here! Today we celebrated my cousins high school graduation. I could not help but daydream about the day I graduated on this same field many years ago... so many memories. I am grateful for the many friendships I still cherish today that were made in high school. The weather was lovely 90 degrees and sunny skies, we had seats in the shade on the grass, the night ended with a mexican fiesta with all our family. Such a great night! ConGRADulations Bria, I love you.

21 June 2011

sun damage {cancer]

{image via staycalmstayclassy}

Years of being in the sun has caused a bit of cancer on my arm. So today I will be having my skin cancer removed. Here's to hoping they get it all in shot & cancer never appears again...

18 June 2011

Craving {sunshine & clear blue sky}

{image via me}

So over June gloom. I am ready to lay on the toasty sand under the umbrella in my new suit snacking on fresh fruit & treats. I hope the sun gets the memo... SOON!

17 June 2011

Honey Do {hair products}

I am a sucker for eye catching packaging. These shampoo & conditioners are formulated with organic honey which will give your locks a beautiful shine. I sure would love to try these out!

16 June 2011

Girls Getaway {Pasadena}

{babycakes la}

{flea market}

{shopping away}

{downtown la}

Headed up to LA last weekend for a fun weekend with the girls. Lots of shopping; garment district, thrift stores, downtown pasadena, flea market. We found many good treasures and ate same tasty treats! I was so happy to have babycakes! Getting away was just what I needed!

10 June 2011

eye catching {Elaine Davidson}

{image via flikr}

I was immediately captivated when I heard about Brazilian born Elaine who has the most body {internal & external} piercings at 6,925.  I sure would enjoy hearing her story & what propelled her into piercing all parts of the human body. She is colorful & I LOVE how she has such bright eye catching make up, hair, clothing and accessories. You can read a small bio here or here.

09 June 2011

Obsessed {ballet flats}

{image via shopbop}

I am beyond obsessing over the gorgeous colors of these cozy flats. I wish they could find their way to my closet. Someday...

07 June 2011


{image source unknown}

Chopping off my long locks. I do enjoy my long wavy often frizzy hair but with the changes occurring in my life I thought this might be more appropriate. Hmmm not sure I am ready just yet to take the plunge!

06 June 2011

Ring Me {jody candrian}

{image via here}

I stumbled upon Jody's straight from the earth geodes & gemstones and want them all. Her collection is eye catching; the raw cuts, the stunning colors & unique formations. I am loving them all! Locally you can find her collection at Fred Segal. 

03 June 2011

Exciting WEEKEND

{image via djmcoy.tumblr}

Have an enjoyable sun shine filled weekend! Over here we will be doing something exciting & meeting new people. I am so overjoyed! 

02 June 2011

A Mohawk {justliv}

{image via justliv}

Loving this beautiful headpiece of vintage doilies & lace turned flowers. So eye catching & unique. I would love to use this in a photo shoot.

01 June 2011

Popsicle! {tickle Trunk}

[image via tickletrunk}

Summer is upon us & this little gadget is just what I need. It's been years since I have made home.made Popsicles so I am trying to come up with fresh fruit recipes...please share if you have any. Having discovered the tickle trunk recently and all of their stainless steel safe & environmentally responsible products has me wanting many items from their site