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14 February 2011

Day of LOVE {Valentine's Day}

I never knew how wonderful LOVE felt until I fell completely in LOVE with Bu{my hubby}. Being with his has completely changed my life & each day I find myself loving him even more. With out him my life would be incomplete {and oh so boring!}.

Thor has opened my heart in a way I never knew was possible. I have a new found LOVE for animals & I am continually amazed at how smart dogs are. Having Thor has given me a glimpse of what a parents LOVE is for their child. I can never thank C & L enough for giving us Thor, he truly has been a tremendous comfort to me in the many challenges & struggles I have endured since he became a part of the family. I LOVE that he is always excited to see me & follows me everywhere & totally wants to be involved in whatever I am doing.

With out LOVE I would not be who I am today.