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11 February 2011

Mixed emotions {scared of the unknown}

{image of mavericks}

I do not recall every feeling this way {so many mixed emotions at once} about my future. I am extremely grateful for my belief & faith in God and knowing my prayers are answered. As I have grown older I have truly come to realize how much I have been blessed. I feel so fortunate to have worked with & for successful people & companies and could not be more appreciative than ever for all the great opportunities I have had in my career & for all the individuals who gave me a chance to prove myself. I am anxious and oh so curious what the future holds for me but at the same time I am very excited!
{why the image of mavericks? I am terrified of waves... yes I know, odd coming from a beach loving surfer boy lover  sun bather ex surf industry employee.  the older I have gotten the more scared I have become of the mysterious ocean currents & waves} I wonder what goes through your mind when you are dropping in on a 20 foot wave???


  1. We are all nervous about our futures. I am going through a major change right now and it's mentally exhausting. It's funny you say you're terrified of waves... so am I. Keep your head up Nicole, you're a talented young lady with a promising future.. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ;)

  2. Ronnie thank you. I am so glad I am not the only one feeling this way. And I totally know what you mean about mentally exhausting... been there!