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16 November 2010


While working in San Fran I was showing around a couple of my Japanese colleagues. We took the Bart to Berkeley to check out what the students were wearing and to visit some sneaker shops. The campus is beautiful, I loved the buildings & all all the huge trees & rolling green hills. I could not believe how warm it was in San Fran... 80's all weekend long!  San Fran is such a fun city & I LOVED all the shopping! Just wish I had my girls with me to shop it up!

{What am I wearing}
Tee: Old navy
Long sleeve: Volcom
Jeggings: kids Levis
Booties: Minnetonka
Purse: Old Navy
Hat: random no name


  1. I love the Berkeley campus and everything in that area. I bet you had fun! Did you shop the street vendors at all?


    Rebecca June

  2. i live right by Berk. and have never been. how lame am i?? anyway, love your top. for real! old navy, eh ... good to see another Mormon fashion blogger. have a fab day!

  3. Becca, there were not too many street vendors out because it was Sunday. Sadly, I did not purchase anything in Berkeley.
    Meredith, you must go wander the campus! BTW Old Navy is full of hidden little gems you just need to dig around.