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18 November 2010

Preview {little petite}

Over the past couple years I have been working on my own little line to help keep me sane. I enjoy being creative & crafting to help ease my stress. I have had a website but not have not yet put the word out to anyone. I hope to launch next week {fingers crossed}! The above image is a pair of handmade leather earrings. Stay tuned for more details & a give away...


  1. so exciting niccole!! can't wait to see more!

  2. SOO excited about the blog! LOVe it all and just went through and looked at every single post. You are amazing!

  3. just found your blog from your comment! your earrings are gorgeous and your talent is fantastic!!

  4. Glam Lamb THANK YOU! And I also remembered they have some cute sweaters at LOFT... hope you find some to keep you warm.