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22 December 2010

Thank You {Rain Gods}

It's a very Merry Christmas around here today! I was awoken by a phone call from my boss telling me Merry Christmas the office is closed today due to flooding! {sad for the flood} But oh so HAPPY I can stay home. So here I am playing in the rain {on Sunday but it does not matter what day since we are going on our 6th day of non-stop rain} here in Southern California.

{what am I wearing}
Dress: Anthro {it has been sitting in my closet for over a year with the tags on, I forgot I had it}
Cardigan: F21
Shoes: Vintage Esprit
Tights: unknown
Accessories {earrings & belt}: Little Petite


  1. Love the picture and outfit! Those leaves are soo neat looking. So my brother and his wife are on vacation there right now...they got married a couple months ago but postponed their honeymoon until now to Southern Cal, anyway, what a time to have a honeymoon there, huh? Hah!

  2. That pile of leaves, makes me just want to jump in it. Love that cardi!

  3. Oh No Lindsay! How terribly sad that they came out here for their honeymoon for the worst rain storm ever! I am bummed for them. Where are they staying?

  4. what a great picture! you couldn't ask for better colors!